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Green Seal
EPA Sustainability

We provide you with waste minimization, energy efficiency, and systems optimization to reduce operating costs and create market advantage.

We have been serving you with this “sustainability” approach long before it became fashionable as part of the renewed “green revolution.” For example, through raw material substitution, use of alternative energy systems and waste disposal technologies, we have long been active in reducing the carbon footprint of various and diverse industrial operations. Our personnel have extensive experience with a wide range of industrial business sectors such as automotive, nuclear, chemical, manufacturing, paper mills, metals forming, military, scrap, food processing, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, construction, steel production, pharmaceutical, and medical.

Our critical analysis systems identify key facets of your business life-cycle where savings in energy and reduction in green house gases can be achieved. Our extensive expertise and knowledge of industrial processes allows us to express your carbon/energy system and translate it into inputs for modeling.

The modeling results do not simply express your footprint in carbon equivalent units but provides you with a plan to achieve your business objectives while ensuring sustainability.

Corporate Headquarters: 21435 Gill Rd, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335 T: 248-514-2830