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Our business acumen coupled with our technical expertise and knowledge of regulations makes us unique in our ability to create business opportunities in the marketplace for you. We bring diverse enterprises and service sectors together to create projects that serve our growing need for alternative energy sources. We are where theory meets reality.

We work with many of you in the alternative energy sector including waste-to-energy. Our role includes serving on the Board of Directors for private companies engaged in bringing new alternative energy technologies to market. The technologies with our involvement include bio-refineries, conversion of organic waste into “pyrofuel,” ethanol plants, wind, and fuel cells. Our role in these projects are as diverse as the technologies to include identification, evaluation and acquisition of sites; due diligence oversight; site planning support; permitting; cash flow and expenditure modeling; and project management.

We work with other design professionals to bring you an integrated winning strategy in the funding, design, permitting, and construction of alternative fuel facilities.

Corporate Headquarters: 21435 Gill Rd, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335 T: 248-514-2830