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St. Clair

We analyze each business opportunity involving contaminated property and determine upfront the critical factors that make or break a Brownfield project.

The tools we use are developed specifically for Brownfield projects incorporating established regulatory requirements and risk-based financial modeling. In some cases, our analysis demonstrates that your return-on-investment is greater by developing the property without Brownfield funding by not having what can be costly development delays associated with the Brownfield funding process.

Our role includes development of tax increment finance plans; probabilistic cost estimating of eligible activities; determination of the project cost gap between Brownfield and non-Brownfield funding; estimates of impact on revenues of the taxing jurisdictions; application for available grants and loans; research and review of historical property documents; property characterization activities; life-cycle design of remedial options; completion of site remediation activities; building/equipment decontamination and/or disposal; geotechnical assessment of the subsurface for use in property development plans; assistance with the securing of financing; Federal and State permits; and public hearings/presentations.

Our Brownfield projects include former bulk petroleum storage facilities; creosote preservation operations; rail yards; paper manufacturing plants; junk yards; detergent manufacturers; specialty metals manufacturers; Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensees and Department of Defense facilities; circuit board manufacturers; chemical plants; glass manufacturers; steel production and processing plants; plating operations; automotive manufacturing and assembly; concrete manufacturers; solid waste landfills; battery manufacturers; hospitals and health care facilities; and food processors.

Corporate Headquarters: 21435 Gill Rd, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335 T: 248-514-2830