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We use our proprietary critical analysis system and other techniques to assist you when you are involved in litigation.

For both defendants and plaintiffs, the nature of the cases we are involved with vary, but generally include responsible party cost allocation; environmental contamination causation involving indoor and ambient air, soil, groundwater and surface water; pipeline and tank releases; contesting recommendations made by consulting and/or contracting firms pertaining to site characterization and/or remediation activities; consultant negligence; analysis of applicable potential exposure pathways and associated environmental and/or health risks; and class action suits involving trespass, and nuisance conditions.

The contaminant types in these cases have included chlorinated hydrocarbons; particulates; metals; radionuclides; petroleum-related hydrocarbons; pesticides; herbicides; PCBs; dioxins; 1,4-dioxane and benzidines, among others.

We are often engaged to identify and develop case strengths and weaknesses so that the technical infrastructure and associated case attributes and arguments can be created and developed into an integrated strategy. The case is further supported by our development and preparation of specialty court exhibits utilizing state-of-the-art graphical and modeling software, including oversized annotated photographs and drawings for multimedia legal exhibits. We maintain large format color printers, a large-format color scanner and both Macintosh and PC computer systems in order to develop our exhibits in-house, and maintain strict confidentiality. Included in our effort is the development of expert and/or rebuttal reports.

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