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EPA Risk Management Research
Palisade Risk Analysis Tools

Our core philosophy is to understand the business, scientific, and legal implications of your business decisions. This defines our approach to Risk Management.

We assist you in defining and managing risk associated with potential responsible party cost allocation, litigation settlement negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, property development budgeting and tracking, and development of financial reports.

We employ many proprietary tools and systems to quantify the relative risk of business decisions to include the probability of cost realization.

Employing our systems requires skill and experience in the development of accurate scenarios, cost input data including the uncertainties in mathematical terms, and critical analysis. Our treatment of data results in a distribution of probable outcomes for each input in combination with all outcomes for all scenarios. Our system also employs a Sensitivity Analysis whereby critical elements are identified and weighed in terms of effect on the business outcomes.

The bottom line benefits of our Risk Management system are confidence in predicting rate of expenditure and total cost, identification of parameters with the greatest impact on cost, and documentation defensible to management, regulators, and lenders.

Corporate Headquarters: 21435 Gill Rd, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335 T: 248-514-2830