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Integrated Environmental, Inc.
has been granted the


By the Women's Business Enterprise
National Council

“It pays to make us your first choice…At Integrated, it is our business culture and thorough knowledge of science, regulations, and finance that saves our clients time and money.”

- Andrea L. Harding, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • GSA Contract No. 65-10F-0109Y
  • Dun and Bradstreet Performance Rating: 94%
Integrated has been actively engaged in projects in the following locations: Alabama, Alaska, California, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, Wyoming, New Brunswick, Canada, and Mexico City, Mexico. We are also participants in prospective projects in the EU, the Middle East, Viet Nam, China, and Australia.

Integrated's affiliates are engaged in the following environmentally-related ancillary product and service areas:

  1. Deep Injection Well Systems, LLC: A California Corporation: Evaluation of Industrial Pre-Treatment Technologies and Disposal of Wastewaters using Deep Injection Wells.
  2. Fishways Global, LLC: Agent for Procom System S.A. for the Design and Installation of Electronic Fish Guidance Systems, and Other Devices.
  3. HG Upshaw Group, LLC: Insurance and Facilities Management.
  4. North Dixie Enterprises, LLC: Technology Development Projects.

Other Affiliations:

  1. Pinnacle Ozone Solutions: Ozone Generating and Related Equipment.
  2. Rushing Rivers Institute, Inc.: Natural Resources Management.

The NEPTUN System
Fishways Global, LLC: Specializes in the design and installation of electronic fish guidance systems to keep water intakes clear in marine and freshwater environments.

Fishways Global, LLC ("Fishways") has partnered with Procom System S.A. ("PROCOM") of Wroclaw, Poland for the marketing, sale, and installation of PROCOM products to include its "NEPTUN" device. NEPTUN is an electronic fish guidance system which was created in response to the demand for a device that effectively repels fish from the intakes of surface water and simultaneously directs their movement toward a desired location such as a fish-pass without harming them (i.e., stunning).


Pinnacle Ozone Generators
Pinnacle Ozone Solutions: Ozone generating and related equipment for use in wastewater treatment disinfection, environmental remediation, aquariums, aquaculture, and laundries.

Integrated is a representative for Pinnacle Ozone Solutions ("Pinnacle") associated with the design and use of Pinnacle's state-of-the-art scalable ozone generators that range in output from 20 to 600 pounds of ozone per day in a small footprint system. The Pinnacle system is scalable and offers a level of redundancy that does not exist with any other ozone generating equipment on the market. In addition to the small footprint, other benefits are low maintenance, and lower operational costs compared to traditional dielectric ozone generating equipment. The Pinnacle ozone generator offers significant cost savings where ozone demand is variable and in situations where the ozone concentration required is less than 10% by weight. Some examples of industry sectors that use ozone are: drinking water treatment plants for disinfection purposes; wastewater treatment plants for odor and color control; food and beverage sanitation facilities; industrial paper manufacturing; and environmental remediation systems for contaminated soil and groundwater.


Technology Development Projects
North Dixie Enterprises, LLC: Waste transformation technologies development including the processing of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) or other organic wastes into fuel, fertilizer, or other raw materials or commercial products. The technologies being developed include a continuous process to transform a wide variety of organic wastes such as MSW sanitary sewer sludge, and FOG (i.e., Fats, Oil, and Greases) to a matrix containing fertilizer and an added component to permit “self-watering” especially designed for arid climates (will work in other climates as well).

Another prospective project involves the conversion of organic wastes into a fuel and precursor feedstock for the generation of electricity or commercial products.

North Dixie is also working on the development of an industrial waste acid recovery process for a client.

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Corporate Headquarters: 19849 Middlebelt Road, Livonia, Michigan 48152 T: 248.477.5021   F: 248.477.6971