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EPA Waste Disposal Wells (Class I)
EPA Injection Wells Publications

We provide you with the option of waste disposal using Deep Injection Well technology, where geologically appropriate.

The use of Class I Deep Injection Wells for the disposal of industrial wastewaters is currently a reality at about 500 locations throughout the United States.

We have extensive experience conducting fatal flaw feasibility analyses; developing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency permit applications; and in the design, construction, testing, operation and maintenance of Deep Injection Wells.

Deep Injection Well technology has been used at many locations throughout the world and is often a very cost-effective solution in whole or part for the disposal of industrial wastewaters. Industries employing Deep Injection Well technology include power plants, food processing, petrochemical, oil production, mining, and pharmaceutical.

The technology is suitable over a wide range of flow rates and chemical characteristics of the wastewater including those that are problematic for a traditional publicly-owned wastewater treatment plant (POTW) such as those wastewaters with elevated Biological Oxygen Demand.


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